One tough Muther,

I work in food service. We are a small group of wait staff who are very close with one another. We tease eachother,have fun and are like family! Especially our friend Jenny, she is the most fun loving, goofy girl who you could ever meet and she makes us all have a great time. Well, she use to anyway. Recently Jenny was promoted to shift leader which is like a boss where we work which means we have to listen to her. As soon as she steps foot in that building it’s like she is a different person. SO bossy and nasty.We use to stand around when it was slow and chit chat a little,now Jenny will yell at us to not just stand around that we need to make our selves useful! To sum it up Jenny has become a real nasty B*tch a work and no one is liking it. I get such a stomach ache on my way to work now, it’s crazy. This is our free spirited, goofy Jenny that we are fearing! The wait staff would try to get together as we could outside of work and be the family we are but we do not want to include Jenny anymore! Why do you think she has changed so much. Maybe this position as a leader isn’t for her?? Is a leader position not for everyone?

Dear Gen,

You guys have to give her a minute. This power is new to her and she is trying to pull it together I am sure.
She wants to take the promotion seriously and show she is worthy of the responsibility so she is pulling the “tough boss” routine. She is/was your equal, your friend, so talk to her.
Explain that you guys are there for her and will help her out but not when you are being barked at. For the most part you get more flies with honey, than vinegar so pointing it out may help her lighten up. Talking about it behind her back and among the ranks isn’t help you or her. Step up to the plate and serve her a what the hell platter. Hopefully she takes the tip.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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