Dear One tough Muther,

Last weekend I went out for the day to the zoo with my sister and her husband. At one point we all decided to take a bathroom break. I was out before my sister and decided to just wait for her in the door way of the bathroom so i was half in half out. I over heard my sisters husband flirting with some random chick. I heard him ask her if he knew her somehow, which they actually did know each other from a long time ago from child hood. I then heard him say (exact words) ” I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself but you are f*cking gorgeous! ” All the girl said was thanks and nothing else came from it but for some reason i am so mad. Where i was standing we could not see each other but I could hear this conversation, so he doesn’t know I heard, so he was being sneaky. And he didn’t tell my sister that he ran into so and so.My sister and her husband are all ready having problems in their marriage so i wasn’t about to tell her because she is the type that wouldn’t get mad, she’d get sad and just cry. I couldn’t do that to her. I guess to me what he said to the woman seemed like an invite for something else. Say she gave him her number, would he have taken it. He never once mentioned his wife. Am I over thinking this, maybe he was just complimenting the woman.

Dear Hailey,

Let’s run this down. Your brother-in-law waiting outside of the bathroom for you and your sister runs into someone he knew from very long ago and asks her if he knows her?
In my opinion, NOT a random chick flirt. Ends up he does know her
However, he then belts out an over the top emotional statement, (exact words) “I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself but you are f*cking gorgeous!” merely a boisterous observation or a down and dirty flirt.
In my opinion, an immature observation.
Lastly he never mentions the meeting to you or your sister. An intentional slimeball move or a guilty cover up.
In my opinion, a nothing happened and I am past it let’s go look at the monkeys move.
Don’t let it consume you, don’t mention it to your sister and don’t worry about this one to much.
In my opinion, both he and your sister are clueless and should remain that way because there is no hard facts.
Don’t help break and cracked marriage with such a small hammer. if they are having trouble let them have the time to figure it out and make it work without making something into nothing.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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