Dear OTM,

I have this uncontrollable fear of birds. It’s caused daily embarrassment in my life. I could be outside and a bird swoops down and I scream bloody murder and have been known to throw myself to the ground and cover my head

Dear Ann,

Wow, I have never heard of someone being that terrified, I’m sorry that sucks.
Oddly enough I know a women, a teacher in her late 20’s that is also afraid of birds.
A goose chased her when she was very young and she has had a fear of birds ever since.
Do you know what started your bird fear? If not speak to your parents, maybe they can help you.
Do you know what your fear is? Are you afraid they will fly into you, land on you, attack you, go the bathroom on you or all of the it?
i wish I had a super easy cure for you both I don’t I know a lot of people would tell you to work through it however if you are that frightened i don’t see that helping.
My honest suggestions are either to go to a therapist and see if they can help you or go to a hypnotist and see if they can hypnotize you so you can control your fear. Either way phobias can be overwhelming and disabling if you don’t get help.
Please try to get some help soon so you can get past this fear.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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