OTM a friend of mine ended her marriage the beginning of the year. I’ve always figured they’d work it out and get back together, but instead they are both seeing other people. My husband and I can’t except this new man in my friends life. It doesn’t feel like the same friendship and we aren’t sure we can be friends with them in the same way we were with my friend and her husband. We realize people change and situations change but is it wrong if we kind of wean off the friendship? There is no excepting the new situation, it may be immature of me but I’m being truthful.

Dear Allison,

If your not feeling it with this guy, your not feeling it!
The original friendship was built on the synergy between you and your husband, and your friend and her husband, not your friend and new guy, so how is the friendship expected to be the same? You most certainly can’t expect “new guy” to morph into the old guy sooo, if your not feeling it, your not feeling it, it is better to “wean off” the friendship as you put it, than to pretend nothing has changed and live a lie.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One tough Muther

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