I just got in touch with a friend that I was friends with years ago. We are both married now with kids. There is something weird about how my friend treats her kids though. While visiting i notice she scares her kids with telling them there are witches in the woods that will sneak in and take there brains if they don’t behave. She says if the kids cut their knee while playing, the werewolf will come eat them. I ‘ve also heard her talk about the vampire family in the woods. These kids seem pretty scared by all this. It seems extreme to me and even a little evil. Am I just a different type of mother because i’d never do that to my kids. I feel horrible and want to say something. One day I stayed until it became dark out and the kids 4& 6 were running around actually setting the locks on the windows. It finally occurred to me that they were doing this so that the creatures can not get in.. Should I say something to their mother? about how weird i think this all is?

Dear Christina,

YIKES…that is just plain ridiculous. Terrorizing your children to get them to mind and behave is senseless. She is ruining their minds and their feeling of security. What in the world is she thinking? Those poor children will be mental messes. Studies have shown that a child’s personality is pretty much determined by the age of 7, so she is setting these kids up for years of mental anguish. My gut says say something but my head says what will it help. That women is completely out of line.
I would ask her where she got this idea of terrorizing her children and isn’t she worried that they will be afraid of everything.
I’d like to think that she will think about whatever it is you say, however she doesn’t sound like the most level headed person.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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