Dear one tough muther,
I have been working at my job for 5 months, coming up on 6 months in July. Is it to early to ask how to move up pay rate wise? I was thinking of mentioning that if there is a online course that I would need to take that I would be willing to look into it. Also is emailing this question to her unprofessional. I never see my director to ask her face to face and I do better when I can write it down through email.

Dear Claire,

Your really have 2 questions here.
1. Should you ask for a raise at 6 months?
No, I have to be honest I think you should wait until your first year anniversary/review.
2. Should you inquire about how you can better yourself and prepare yourself to take a bigger roll to the success of the company?
YES, absolutely.
People in authority like a go getter, someone who is looking to better themselves, not just do as little as possible.
Be that person, be a go getter and learn all you can throughout your entire life, education and experience are very powerful tools.
Oh, and if you don’t have access to the Director, a well written email is certainly acceptable.

Best of Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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