Something is going on with me and it’s scary. The past two dreams I’ve had have come true during the day. Not detail for detail but close. I had a dream I was driving down a long highway and my car stopped running. A few days later while driving, my car just died. I was in town, not a high way but I’d say that’s a small detail. There was nothing really indicating that that would happen, I haven’t had car issues before. Another dream I was swimming in a pool came up for air but starting choking and couldn’t catch my breath. A few days after that dream while working out I started choking at the gym ,ended up on the ground trying to catch a breath until I finally did but it was the same feeling..I’m scared. Do you think this is something magical or or do I subconsciously know this stuff will happen and dream it up. It’s weird.

Dear Genevieve,

It is so crazy when those things happen and we reflect back on to our dreams, I do it often.
I try to remind myself that we were once animals that relied on our instincts. I think we have lost so much of those traits.
I believe that things come to some of us, not all, at times before they happen because this has happened to me a lot.
Don’t be scared embrace it and use it to your advantage, it may help you in the long run.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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