Dear OTM,

My kids are usually pretty well behaved so I don’t need to discipline to often. But yesterday my sons were play fighting which was taken to far and my older son reacted by hitting something against our DVD player , knocking the front face off the device. It was a cheap $50 player which wasn’t working properly but it did play. I went to put a movie in today and it now does not work at all. Yesterday I gave my son a good spank on the butt but I want him to know that , that behavior is unexceptable so I was thinking of telling him that if he gets any Christmas money that he needs to give it to me towards a new DVD player. But I tend to feel guilty about that type of punishment. Is what I suggested to harsh, do you have advice?

Dear Mindy,

I totally know what you mean about guilt, however at some point children must learn there are consequences to their actions.
My suggestion, give him 1 week of chores! Set the table, clean off the table, dry the dishes and clean up. If ya break it, ya buy it or ya work it off.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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