Over the weekend I was driving with my twin boys(7 years old) and my friend and her 9 year old daughter, we were on our way to an outing. My boys were being especially wild that day and the car ride was insane to me with the fighting so I clenched my teeth looked in the rear view mirror and told my boys in a very firm voice that if they don’t cut it out, that I will pull this car over and beat their asses. My friends jaw just about hit the ground, she was so shocked at my burst out and normally I wouldn’t do that with people in the car but my boys needed to get it in their thick skull to calm it down. My friend proceeded to tell me how i should NEVER speak to my kids that way. My reaction was- Really? that was nothing, you should hear me when I really get going, they need to be straightened out sometimes. I mean, god love my kids but if I don’t discipline them they are going to grow up to be (excuse my censured french) little aholes! Are times really so changed that if I raise my voice or spank my boys that it’s not right? Am I really the only mom who looses her mind sometimes?

Dear Amy,

NO, you are not the first Mother to loose her mind, the only Mother who looses her mind and you will not be the last Mother to loose her mind. Kids, especially when they are fighting can drive you over the edge. I have yelled at my kids on several occasions, (not making it right) but I never swore at them. I think that is what the issue may have been. Not that you lost it but what you said.
Amy, raising children is tough and you are correct everyone has their own idea of what is best but we all agree swearing at the is never good.
My suggestion, drop the profanity laced threats and show action. If you look up parenting sites there are a lot of tips on how to get your point across loud and clear without all the extra colorful language and it may possibly work better.
I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have the internet when I was raising my four, but I do know it would have saved a lot of over used vocal cords.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther ~K

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