Dear zone Tought Muther,
My daughter just picked up a job that she seems very happy with, she makes very good pay too. But when people ask where my daughter is working now I find myself lying. My daughter is a sensual consultant and sells toys for the bedroom. It’s a very classy business with classy professional woman but I’m sure you can see how saying that’s my daughter job will make people whisper. Should I continue the lying that she’s still at her old job or be straight forward.

Dear Julian,

Well, well, well she’s a sensual consultant in the business of making people happy.
In this day and age I don’t see any reason to lie. Your daughter has a good paying job and doing well but I understand how some people would be a bit apprehensive about blurting it out so can you just say she works at (the company name)?
Julian, I’m sure you have to say what ever makes you feel comfortable and if just saying she is a sales executive isn’t enough then you do what you have to do.
However Julian remember, honesty is always the best policy and the more you say the truth, the more comfortable you will become with saying it.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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