Dear OTM,

My daughter is in kindergarten and since school started she has been throwing up 1-2 times a week on her school bus. I took my daughter to the doctor to be examined to see if there was something medical going on but the doctor found nothing. The bus driver and the school has now asked if I could start driving my daughter to school instead of taking the bus. Although it is an inconvenience for me I didn’t argue. The only problem is, now my daughter is now getting sick in the car ride to school. I’ve talked to my daughter to see if anything was bothering her and it doesn’t seem to be anything. Could it just be nerves? The past two weeks before school though I gave my daughter anti- acid medicine, and it seems to help because she hasn’t gotten sick. I’ve talked to the school telling them that if my daughter doesn’t get sick anymore that i’d like her to start taking the bus again. The school has expressed strongly that they don’t think that would be a good idea. They don’t have any right to keep my daughter off the bus do they? It’s not like she was misbehaving.

Dear Laurah,

I am so sorry, I answered your question but for some reason the answer never posted.
I understand why the school is reluctant to allow your daughter back on the bus. it must be very upsetting for the other children if she is throwing up. Yes, if the behavior of throwing up is continual or delaying the bus, distracting the bus driver or upsetting the other children they do have the right to not allow her to ride. But that is not the issue here, the issue is why is she throwing up. I believe your daughter is having separation anxiety and that is why she is getting sick. When you wrote she is even getting sick in the car ride to school, that was a sign. I am sure she was being truthful when she said nothing is bothering her because she may not realize what is happening, she is so young.
Laurah, please don’t push the bus ride for now. Let her get use to going to school and being independent. Once time goes on she will be able to handle the separation as a temporary, daily event which in turn will help her to be more comfortable and confident to ride the bus.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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