One tough mother I have recently started dating after many years of being alone. My skin is sagging I have stretch marks and I have love handles. The man that I am dating will not sleep with me. Ever since we undressed to make love but It never got that far as we held each other and kissed. I wondered why and thought maybe he just changed his mind but then he told me over the phone that he is not attracted to me. My body sickens him and he’d like for me to purchase some under garments that would keep my body mostly covered so we can make love. I went out and bought some things but I am angered when thinking of what I am doing. Shouldn’t a woman be proud of her body not cover up for a man so it is tolerable?

Dear Beth,

I am out right appalled and sickened by his request. How dare anyone make you feel ashamed of your body. He used the word sickened and asked you to cover up…ahhhhh.
Beth, my suggestion, kick this insensitive, self absorbed ass to the curb.
You are so right to say a women should be proud of her body. What makes him think he has the right to humiliate you by saying any of those things. Does this guy think he is flawless.
You should not go out and purchase anything to share yourself, your heart or body with this out of line low life.
Beth, there is someone out there who will love you for who you are and make you feel like a woman regardless of your battle scars.
Here you were ready to share yourself with someone you thought had respect and feelings for you. Then it ends up he had zero of either and on top of it asks YOU to go out and buy something to cover up so he can tolerate you to make love.
Girl, you deserve someone who loves you for who you are. Not some modified version so this guy can perform. I boil to think what else Mr Perfect has up his sleeve.
So I say it’s bye, bye big jerk you are not worthy of my body and most certainly not my heart.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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