Dear One tough muther,

My cousin was recently dumped by her boyfriend in which she dated for 2 years. I’m not sure what caused it and she is not opening up about it. This once lively girl now sleeps late till noon/ one o clock some days then remains most of the day in her bed watching tv. She lives with her parents and attends a local college but she doesn’t work so she doesn’t have a Job to get up for, and her classes are on summer break. Her parents say she is eating like a bird and are worried about her. I think she seems depressed. How can I get her to open up about what happened and how can I snap her out of this depression?

Dear Kristy,

Ugh, depression comes in many forms and you are right, she sure does sound depressed. You have to get her out of the house. Ask her to go with you to do one of her favorite things, the beach, the movies, shopping, the club, the gym, hiking, swimming anything, anything you know she always loved just to get her out of the house. Be persistent and tell her YOU really need someone to go ___ with. And most important, be there for her by telling her you have noticed that she seems bummed and if and when she is ready to talk about it you will listen and help. Support is huge when you feel like you are going through something to big to handle.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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