Dear one tough muther,

I am in a tough spot. The other night my 11 year old daughter went over to our neighbors- her triplet friends house. I know these people, We are not friends but they are neighbors that I feel comfortable sending my kid over to. The children’s father is actually a pastor, and I felt comfortable with them. Well half way through the night my daughter called me and said she wanted to come home and asked me to meet her half way to walk her home. The reason for the early return was that the family was watching a rated R horror movie, and my daughter was scared. I went in momma bear mode and was ready to march over there and start a scene but I figured I better calm down first. I also feel like I am always the over protective overbearing parent. I know when we have kids over and if there is a fight or violence scene coming up in a movie that I will call the parents up and ask” hey this scene is coming up on the movie, is it ok for so and so to watch it?”..ok OTM, First off what would be a good approach to say to my neighbor for this particular incident? I know I can not save my kids from everything but my daughter was terrified over this movie.

Dear Stacey,

There is no explanation or excuse for such a complete misjudgment on the other parents part but no at this time I would not say anything. I don’t see any good coming from pounding on the door and voicing your angry, however I would say this if they asked me “why didn’t Suzy stay the other night?” I’d tell the truth. I’d make it short, simple and to the point, “we don’t allow our 11 year old daughter to watch R rated horror movies and she was terrified.” I’m sure that will be enough said. Sometimes saying it calmly and not in anger gets the point through more effectively.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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