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I never thought I would see the day where I, Charmaine Carraway, would say: “I am One Tough Muther!”, but somehow that day has come. I grew up a curious child who questioned authority, as well as all parts of life around me that seemingly did not make spiritual sense. I simply wanted to homeschool my children and live a comfortable life with very few challenges. Having retained the quality of life that forced me to ask questions that simply did not make sense, I knew I would not have the simple life I pictured for myself. I became aware that my life was created to bring awareness and empowerment to humanity by reaching the consciousness of women, all women! So I have continued to homeschool my children, but I now own and run a global media company using the method of knowledge to create the outcome empowerment.

So yes, you can see and hear little people asking me for apple juice as I close deals with powerful women from all over the world. See it’s important to know that I have witnessed the breakdown of sisterhood among women who work and don’t work outside of the home, and I have come to realize that the joining of forces by women will usher the change that humanity will experience, united under the umbrella of sisterhood!

We have to ask ourselves the following fundamental questions: How did we get here?

Where is here? To which, here is — racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. Last, how did we allow this behavior to become the norm?

We got here by losing sight of the morals that kept us grounded as a nation and as individuals, I cannot consider a life where it is ok to leave our sisters of many walks of life behind. These include our treatment of the widow, the poor, and the fatherless. When we lose sight of what is most important and justify the tolerance of these dangerous behaviors, we too, become corrupt. We change the narrative when we say, “no more will I accept wrongdoing to get along with those on either the left or the right.” Change within a nation occurs when we say and mean, “I will stand on truth and what is right, even if I have to stand alone.” This is where real evolution happens. True liberty within this country or around the world will not arrive through a vacuum.

My brainchild, TheVisionaryWoman.com, came to fruition because I was unable to find the kind of media that I could grow from internally! TheVisionaryWoman.coman online media network Of Women, For Women, By Women, was created to enjoy thought-provoking Internet Interviews, Talk Radio & Articles, bridging the gap among women desiring their purpose and women living in their purpose. TheVisionaryWoman.com, a media network created to Inspire, Encourage & Enlighten women to live life as our greatest self! This was my dream unfolding before my face because so many women desired relief from the daily drain of mainstream media that no longer informs us but conforms us!

So the questions are, what will we no longer tolerate guiding humanity to live and thrive from our gifts? What innovations will we offer the world that will feed the hungry and clothe the homeless? What bigotry will we stand up against? Greater forces can create chaos; however, we the people are greater forces than we even know!

Charmaine Carraway

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