Dear One tough muther,

yesterday I got a hair cut. I showed the hair dresser a picture which was really a shoulder length bob with layers. I came home with my hair cut to above my chin and no layers on the sides and completely chopped in the back, I look ridiculous and I have been wearing a hat after hearing peoples comments about how bad my hair cut came out. I am thinking of going back to the salon and showing the manager my cut and trying to get my money back or get someone to fix it a little, it can’t get any worse. Good idea or no?

Dear Amber,

HELL, yes go back.
Do you know the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut, for me (my hair grows slow) a few months!
You went in with a picture and specific instructions, if there was ever any doubt that she could do it she should have mentioned it to you. I say go in show the manager and ask that you get a full refund.
Then I’d take the picture and refund go to another salon and start over. Hopefully there is enough there to work with.

Good Luck

One Tough Muther

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