My boyfriend is the best and I am very happy With everything in our relationship. Last week while at a festival my boyfriend said I should prove to him that I love him by getting his name tattooed on my side. I said that it was crazy to do but he went ahead himself and got my name tattooed on himself. Now he says it’s my turn. I don’t have any tattoos at all and I hate to say that I don’t want my first to be that so I haven’t gotten it yet. Am I a bad girlfriend?

Dear Jennie,

No, you most certainly are not a bad girlfriend, you are a smart girlfriend.
I have never, ever meet a person who had another person’s name tattooed on their body, who didn’t eventually regret it and I have tattoos. In fact one of my friends is a tattoo artist. All 4 of my children have tattoos and none of them have their wife or husbands name plastered on the body.
So please DO NOT tattoo your boyfriends name on your body. As you know tattoos are permanent for the most part. If you do ever decide to get one removed it is expensive, painful and noticeable.
Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t understand that loving someone has absolutely no connection to deciding to permanently mark your body.
I am a bit concerned because I believe the “boyfriend” is looking at this as an ownership branding.
Stand your ground, stick to your guns and DO NOT let any guilt trip, whining, crying, anger or begging change your mind.
It was his decision and his decision alone to tattoo your name on his body, duhh now he will have to deal with it not you.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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