I want to break up with my boyfriend but he has been forcing me to stay with him with threats. He has threatened to break in my house and Rape me if I leave him. He has threatened to badly hurt any new guy that I decide to date. He has even threatened harm against my parents because he insists that they are the reason I want to leave him. What should I do?

Dear Janine,

Immediately leave and go to your parents and the police and inform them.
You are in a very dangerous situation and you must to get out now.
Janine, once you notify someone and leave it will not be so easy for him to control you. He is controlling you with threats. Honey I know this is scary but YOU are the only one who can change the course of events.
Please, please leave and tell someone immediately.
He has serious problems and you need to get out from under his control. Once your parents know what he is saying they will be able to help you.
Please Janine, please leave and if you are to afraid to go, send me your parents number and town and state I will call them.
Be strong, I know you can take control of the situation and leave. Once you do please let me know how you are, I will worry about you.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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