I have a boyfriend I am deeply in love with. He is highly educated and very good to me. However, it seems the only time he wants to see me is when he wants sex. I’m all for good sex but I am wondering if he loves me for one thing while I love him for all things. He travels a lot and I sometimes think he might have other women to entertain him. He’s never said he loves me but I know he does.
Am I holding on to a man who may never commit to me and only me?

Dear for Real,

If a man in a relationship ONLY wants to see you for sex, not companionship, not conversation, not opinion, not enjoyment, then he only wants a physical relationship which is sex
A real relationship is exactly that, a relationship. It is a connection, the way you talk to each other, behave towards each other, interact with each other, spend time enjoying each others interests, learning about each other, hence becoming a couple.

If you don’t spend any other time together, if he doesn’t seek you out for enjoyment outside of the bedroom, if he doesn’t call you to talk or take you out then it is safe to say he is only interested in a physical relationship.
Sex is wonderful and a very important piece to the relationship puzzle but it can’t be the entire board.

In my opinion, he wants one piece and you want the whole pie.
If you are looking for more in this relationship, ask for it. If it doesn’t happen then you will know why. People can only treat you, the way you allow them to treat you.
Be realistic about what is happening and truthful about where this is going. Saying he never says he loves you but you know he does, doesn’t really mean much. If it is a real relationship that you want, you may be waiting for something that will never happen. Ask for more and you should, receive.

One Tough Muther

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