I Just have a simple question. Yesterday while talking to my neighbor, she was explaining how busy her week is going to be. She casually mentioned its her husbands birthday and that they are having a party on saturday. She said how she’s just making cupcakes and then she threw in there that if we would like to stop by we are welcome, she said she isnt responsible for the kids but they can come play with her kids. They are a nice family and are my husband and my age and I know them through our kids and church but never actually hung out. I was thinking , that this is a good opportunity to get to know a new level headed couple. My issue is I literally have no extra cash to throw into a present for her husband. But if I have to I will..Do I get her husband a gift or money or what? What do you do for an adults birthday party like this?

Dear Lauren,

Easy, I always give wine or a bottle of what ever that person may drink. If I don’t know what they drink, I definitely take wine.
A nice $10 bottle of wine is extremely acceptable, especially since you don’t really know them all that well.
If they come off to you as non-drinkers, you can make cookies or brownies and if the party is for a woman flowers are always a hit. Adults don’t really give other adults gifts unless they are family or very close friends. Other than that token gifts are fine and more than acceptable.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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