Dear One tough Muther,

My husbands best friend of 15 years has made a pass at me. Several times. I squash the matter right away though and tell him it’s wrong. He doesn’t bother me much anymore but once in awhile he will bring up how I’m always on his mind, how he has these feelings for me. How life is short and he needs to remind me how he feels every so often. It makes me very uncomfortable. I am afraid to tell my husband because this is his best friend and I don’t want to ruin a friendship. Also this man is married and a father. What I am doing is just allowing him to vent about it- whatever you want to call it, but then I forget about it. As long as he isn’t very persistent and try anything this is a good road to take?

Dear Candice,

Wow, what a jerk. He is making his inappropriate behavior your problem. Just completely ignore it like you have for now, however if his words get persistent, there is even a casual touch or rub up against, blow the whistle.
The truth is, your husband is the only best friend in this relationship. Best friends don’t do what this jerk is doing to their best buddies wife. Ignore his words with a look of disgust on your face and maybe it will flip this weirdo’s switch.
He is obviously one of those guys that think if a women is nice to him she has some interest.

Good luck and remember any farther and it’s all over.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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