Dear otm,

My best friend of 15 years just had her fourth child. During her pregnancy I went with her to a few of her doctor appointments and she said she would get a hold of me when she gave birth to her child so that I could come to the hospital to see the new baby. She called me yesterday to tell me that she had the baby a week ago with a last minute scheduled induce and that she is home now with the baby. She did invite me to come visit her and the baby when it is convenient for me but I am a little upset that she didn’t call me sooner. I said to her that I thought she would call me when she had her baby but she just said everything went so fast. I just think it is weird that she wouldn’t have called me or had her husband call me to tell me because I am sure others came to the hospital to visit. This adds to me thinking our friendship is fading or do you think she just was to busy?

Dear Sarah Beth,

YES, she was too busy. I had four children and believe me, a week can go by so fast it feels like a day.
Truthfully, your friend was doing what she should have been doing, concentrating on herself, her new baby, her other three children and husband. I am sure she thought about calling you many times but every time she went to call something happened.
Sarah Beth, don’t think to much into this or get upset that you were not top priority. Your friend is getting her life and her family life adjusted to include the new baby, which is always tiring in the beginning.
Go and see her and be happy that she called you and invited you one week after the birth. Being up with a new born all night and raising and tending to three other children all day is exhausting. I think it is admirable that she called you and asked you to come visit at YOUR convenience with a new born in the house. So go and enjoy however remember she may be running on little sleep so try not to over stay.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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