I am an adult bed wetter. Yikes, to say it out loud . It doesn’t happen a lot but it does happen. I will be sleeping and have a dream of myself using the bathroom I will wake up instantly to find I’ve wet the bed. This is embarrassing and I have never heard of an adult bed wetter, I just might be a Lone Ranger (lucky me) . I mean, I’m 37 married with two kids. Thank god my husband still sleeps in the bed with me he must really love me. I’m afraid to visit the doctor in fear that it could be something serious or that I’ll be laughed at. What if it’s nothing and I volunteered the info that I am an adult bed wetter, well now the doctor knows. Right.. Googling didn’t help me out much. You seem wise, is it a good idea to just deal with it or do you think this is something I should be embarrassed the sh*t out of and visit the doctor?

Dear Terri,

Ugh, so sorry that must such a pain. I am wondering if there is there is a behavior during the day the promotes it. I know I can’t drink even one diet soda of and kind unless there is a bathroom in the immediate area because the sweetener in the soda makes me have to immediately go. I mean with in moments of finishing a soda, boom off to the bathroom I got. So that and the fact the this bed wetting only happens occasionally leads me to wonder if there is a behavior during the day that promotes it. A drink, too much coffee or tea, a food, beer, wine, something, something you occasionally that may be causing this reaction.
Terri, believe me when I say you are NOT the only one that has had this issue and you will not be the last. I am sure others have suffered from the same dilemma. I would document my behavior daily for a month or s and see if it happens if I am eating or drinking something that cause this reaction or if it happens when I am over tired and get into such a deep sleep due to exhaustion that I don’t realize I am not awake and in the bathroom. Then if nothing you do is obvious and nothing seems to trigger the problem see your doctor. Maybe there is an underlying medical condition that your doctor can pin point.
Whatever it is Terri do not be embarrassed of what is happening or to speak to your doctor. You are obviously not wetting consciously and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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