Dear one tough muther,

I’ve been dating my boyfriend and living with him for a year and a half. He is already a jealous person, but he now doesn’t like if I think a celebrity is cute. He saw that I liked a celebrities ice bucket challenge on facebook. I’m not sure if you saw it but it was the one of James franco holding a sign over him self with no pants on. I thought it was funny and James franco is cute. But it caused a total blow out from my boyfriend. Is it wrong to find a celebrity cute, hot? Like I said to my boyfriend , it’s not like I know him or will ever meet him but my boyfriend said I am being disrespectful.

Dear Andrea,

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Andrea no one has the right to control your mind and feelings just as, you do not have the right to control theirs. You are an individual with your own mind and soul. So in my opinion, he is way out of line here. If you had said you were trying to contact a friend of his that did the challenge, it would be a different story and disrespectful is just a part of what I would have thought, but this is not the case.
And you say it caused a total blow up? What? How old and insecure is your boyfriend?
Andrea, it sounds to me like there is some growth that has to take place for both of you in this relationship. Remember, no matter what happens you are both individuals with your own minds and opinions and being a couple should not change that.
You and your boyfriend must learn to trust each other and not sweat the small stuff in your relationship. Always be kind and respectful of each other as a couple, but also grow as individuals. Being your own person will help you in the long run to grow as a strong couple as well.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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