HI One tough muther!

All day I felt excellent, my mood was great, i felt energized, i didn’t feel stressed. Then my husband came home from work, b*tching and complaining about his job and how down (boo hoo) he feels. I rolled my eyes and walked away because i honestly didn’t want to hear it. But now i feel depressed, down, moody MISERABLE. I said to my husband i felt fine until you came home now i feel terrible. He said “Funny, now i feel great”..He says maybe i threw my bad energy onto you. Well I think so. Do you believe that energy of another can affect how we feel? This happens alot with my husband, i feel he throws his bad mood onto me AND I HATE IT.

Dear Dottie,

YES, I totally believe that one person’s energy can and does affect another. It is amazing that when you are in a room of complainers, your mood becomes miserable and you start to complain. However, if you are in a room with people who are happy and laughing you can’t help but notice your mood lighten up.
Ask crabby hubby to try to shake some of it before he gets home. Maybe take a longer way home, listen to upbeat music, or vent with a co-worker.
I know this will not always work, because there are things he will need to share with you, but if it works for part of the time, you’ll be spared.
If that doesn’t work…..buy ear plugs!



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