I see that you’ve raised a few babies and I have a baby question. My son Matthew is 10 months old and I’ve started him on solid food. Adult food cut into pieces. My mother in law if she see’s me feeding Matthew like that will take the food away and say it’s dangerous. I make sure the pieces are tiny -like pork chops and things that are normal meals for us. My mother in-law says I’ve started solid food way to early and to stop. My son has been fine with the food so I don’t see what the concern is. Is 10 months to early to start solid food?– oh he has teeth!!!

Dear Michelle,

I do not think 10 months is too young to start solids providing, foods are cut very small and you add a new food one at a time, to watch for allergies or reactions to that food.
My kids eat mashed potatoes, peas, beans, chicken and more at 10 months and so does my 10 month granddaughter.
But my son and daughter-in-law spoke to their doctor first and do not add in foods with high allergy or reaction possibilities.
Check with your Pediatrician and follow their guidelines. Always cut everything very small and no added salt, sugar, butter or spices. Be careful not to double up on foods, so you can watch for any reactions and do not to over do the processed foods.
Natural and home cooked are the best for nutrients and protein. If your diet contains a lot of prepared foods and such, stick to baby foods which are prepared with the nutrients babies need to grow and provide brain health.
Best advice, check with the baby’s doctor.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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