I grew up in a very close family. Aunt’s, Uncles, cousins everyone always together. Lately it seems though that my one Aunt is really picking on me. If we go out, her reaction to me is not Hello, or hey favorite girl like it used to be, it’s :oh boy you chose to wear that? Or out of all the jewelry you own and you are wearing that bangle? Her new thing is calling me Juvenile for getting my first tattoo on my shoulder of a butterfly, and along with that I got a piercing. She will flat out laugh when she see’s me and says she just can’t get over how ridiculous I look. It really ruins seeing my aunt, I dread it now. One thing she did while we were out to dinner and getting up to leave is she literally yelled : Oh god you are so thin, you have an eating disorder! Next time you have the urge to barf call me!……I have NO idea where that came from and I was so stunned i stood there sorting through my mind trying to figure out why she would say such a thing. when I finally snapped out of it I noticed strangers staring and me from their tables. Beat red face I ran out of the restaurant. In which she then told me that red is not my color- referring to my embarrassed face. I really feel as though I am being bullied. I’m not understanding how this woman who I looked up to and was so close to has just completely flipped her switch, and only towards me! What the Hell?!

Dear Melissa,

OMG, is she having a mental break down, in menopause or just jealous? She sounds out of control, rude and absolutely ridiculous.
She is a verbally abusive witch and you DO NOT have to stand for that. I tell people all the time, you can only be spoken to the way you allow others to speak to you and you are allowing this.
The time has come to contact Auntie and knock her off her broom. Go see her, call her, email her, text her or send her a smoke signal, however find out what is happening? Ask her why she has changed her feelings towards you and what prompted the change.
Then explain to her you are hurt and upset at the way she speaks to you and you will no longer take such disrespectful treatment and DON’T.
You should then have a better idea of how to straighten this absurd behavior out, once she has her say. If she offers no explanations, your only choices are to, walk away from her when she starts, ignore her at the event or step up to her publicly by saying “what is your problem?”. Seriously Melissa, other family members must see this for what it is, bullying. Stepping up to her is definitely my last choice but may be necessary. She sounds like the type that confronting her may just add fuel to her fire.

I’m sorry that you have to go through this and hope you can straighten it out soon.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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