Dear OTM,

I am 53 years old and live in a rural area.
I work with 6 other women in a county office. Our ages are 23, 31, 35, 44. 53 (me) and 61 years old.
Every day at lunch our office shuts down for lunch from 12-1 and it begins, the discussion about their anxiety.
Every one of these women is on a medicine for depression and/or anxiety.
WHAT is going on. And most of my girlfriends are also always talking about anxiety attacks and depression. The real kicker is most of them drink alcohol while on their meds. Isn’t alcohol a depressent?
Then tonight is the topper. I’m taking a walk after work and two women ride by me slowly on their bikes talking about the one having a panic/anxiety attack.
I am floored, is someone or something poisoning our water?
It just keeps getting worse and more and more people I know are on medication.

What’s your thoughts?

Signed,I here

Anxious about not having Anxiety


Dear Anxious,

I am 1000% with you in this question. I am constantly listening to people talking about their anxiety, depression and panic attacks. It is an epidemic and I hear parents saying “oh Johnny’s depressed and couldn’t go to school” or “Sharon had anxiety and a panic attack over a test she has today, so I didn’t make her go to school”.   WHAT is going on???

Is it that the world is moving so quickly and the internet of things are taking over our lives? Or is it that we just place so much pressure on ourselves to do it all, so that we can have it all? Our lives are plugged in way more than ever before as employers push for employees to remotely work, longer and longer hours. I believe people spend excessive amounts of time on their cell phones, iPads, laptops and computers and very little time on physical activity. People just don’t move enough which I think adds to their internal turmoil, on top of which is coupled by their deplorable diet. The diet choices most people seem to make consistently are eating the over processed, excessively sugared and prepackaged foods. These choices are made usually for the ease of their on the go life style. How can you find time to cook, exercise or walk, when you only have a few unplugged minutes in a day. Here is a true scenario.

At the office the other day a 20+ year old administrative assistant was complaining about her anxiety. She explained how it almost always leads into a spiraling depression. She went on to say how she just can’t think when it starts and it almost always lasts for days.  However, I personally have witnessed the very same young lady drink 3 or 4 colas during her work day, as she sits and works on her computer staring at her cell phone every spare second she has and tirelessly texting someone.

So why is she anxious and depressed? As I stood  there listening, I decided I’d chime in, so I asked this young lady, “Have you ever tried exercise, monitoring your diet and sunshine for depression? All are excellent natural remedies for anxiety, as well as depression and you will be helping your body by becoming healthier as well.”  The young woman stared at me blankly and stated, “I’d rather take a pill.” WHAT???? I’d rather take a pill, that makes no sense to me.

So Anxious, you are not alone when asking this question. I wish I had an answer or some inside knowledge to offer an accurate explanation. I don’t know why anxiety and depression seem to be so heightened in society. All I can point out is that obesity is at an all time high and so is the need for antidepressants. Maybe the combination of diet, lack of exercise and being continuously plugged in are some how tied together.

If anyone else reading this has a theory or answer, PLEASE write and enlighten us.

Until then Anxious, please keep taking your walks and living the lifestyle that appears to best suit you. Whatever it is you’re doing, must be working for you.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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