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Smiley Pits makes kids not stink

Hi One Tough Muther, I hope all is well! I am the co-founder of Smiley Pits all natural deodorant designed with kids in mind ( adults love it too). We are new business, and have grown pretty quickly. I would love for you to read our story and check out our website....

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Double booked

OTM, I have two events happening on the same day that I received invitations for literally days apart . First is my husbands Aunts long time boyfriends 60th Surprise birthday party. Next is my company picnic. I just started a new job a few months ago and this year the...

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Anxious about not having Anxiety

Dear OTM, I am 53 years old and live in a rural area. I work with 6 other women in a county office. Our ages are 23, 31, 35, 44. 53 (me) and 61 years old. Every day at lunch our office shuts down for lunch from 12-1 and it begins, the discussion about their anxiety....

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Happy? Mother’s Day

Dear One Tough Mother, This weekend is Mother's Day and my Mother is gone. She passed 4 years ago and we have no children, we have dogs. My husband's Mother lives about 1/2 hour from us and she is horrible. She is demeaning, rude, demanding and cruel to my husband and...

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Dear One Tough Mother, I have a sinking feeling my husband of 13 years is interested in a woman he works with. They text back and forth "about work" several times a day an as he reads these "work" messages he is smiling ear to ear. He has also suddenly started to...

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