My childhood acne has followed me into my adult years. I was always teased for it and I made it thorough just thinking that one day it would subside, we’ll, it hasn’t. I am so self conscious about my complexion that I can’t even go to get the mail without layering my full face of makeup on. When will I ever get comfortable in my own skin?

Dear Alex,

Please visit a dermatologists if you haven’t already or recently. There have been advanced treatments for acne and I’m sure there will be something new that will help you.
Acne is just such a painful problem because it makes you so very self conscience.
I am so super sorry you had to deal with teasing and cruelty as a child. It is hard enough growing up in a world where the media sets such ridiculously high standards for looks, body size and dress, being ridiculed over something you have no control over must just be torture. I have heard that there are food allergy triggers that may effect your acne but I;m sure any qualified dermatologists will go over everything with you.
Alex, don’t get to discouraged or anxious about your acne because I’m sure the Derm will help you get a handle on your complexion. Remember, everyone has an achilles heel, something they dislike about themselves so you are not alone.

Good Luck 7 Huge Muther Hugs,

One tough Muther

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