My husband & I fight. He is 6 ft 5 & always winds up hitting me really hard & hurting me worse than I do him. The main reason we fight is because he doesn’t have a job & can’t support me & he let’s his crazy mother control our marriage. What should I do?

Dear Rhonda,

GET OUT! LEAVE! Do not raise one finger toward him or allow him to raise one finger toward you. If you are hitting each other it is beyond fighting, it is down right violent. There is absolutely ZERO reason for this behavior to have ever started and no reason it should be allowed to continue. YOU should never strike him for any reason and he should must certainly NEVER strike you.
One question, why is it he has to support you? Do you have a disability, a job? Why can’t you support yourself? A million questions are flying through my head but the biggest is, why are you still there?
Break the cycle now before it gets any worse and immediately move. Physical violence is abuse and there is no reason for it, none.
Rhonda, I have no idea how old you or your husband are or why this behavior has gotten to this point but I do know where the end should be. Go stay with your folks, a friend, go to a woman’s shelter but leave, this is a dangerous path to walk, so get off of it right now.

Good Luck and Leave,

One Tough Muther

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