Dear OTM,

I am pregnant and want to give my baby up for adoption because I am only 16 and not ready for this. My mother has made the decision that she will raise my child as her own. She’s putting our house up for sale and wants us to move to another state so no one questions it. Family knows but mom doesn’t want the Community to know, which is cause for the move. I want to give my baby to another family. Being around the baby in the same house is scary to me. Mom says since I’m only 16 she has to make this decision for me and this is what she wants. Do I have no rights, should I be grateful mom wants to raise the baby?

Dear Georgia,

I believe in my heart you are right. Selflessly giving your baby up for adoption to a wonderful couple who is so desperate for a child to love is a loving and mature act. You realize you are not ready to raise a child and by finding it a wonderful home you will be doing the best thing for the child.
Georgia, you have rights you are the Mother, however I don’t know what they are or if the differ from state to state.
Honey, speak to your doctor or an adult you love and trust or look up the information on line.
Don’t be upset with your Mother, she is doing what she thinks is best for you and your unborn child, however if you are frightened and uncertain about the arrangement your Mother has decided on, you need to address it immediately. Your Mother loves you very much it’s obvious by her decision to move and start over so she can raise the baby but I am not sure it’s what’s best for either of you.
Ask your doctor or a trusted adult to speak to your Mother with you and explain how you feel. Selling your house and moving away so your Mother can raise the child as her own is only temporary and living a lie. The truth will eventually surface and who knows what effect the truth will have on you and the child later in life. Georgia, you are right somewhere there is a couple out there who will love and raise the baby as their own and give it a wonderful life, you are a mature young lady to recognize that. I am very proud of you and your decision. Follow your heart and seek out help.
Hopefully someone can help you convince your Mother of that as well.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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