My ex and I are not on good terms and when he takes our children for his time with them I feel very uneasy. I worry that something will happen to my kids. Should I not allow my ex to take our kids because of this feeling. There is nothing in legal writing saying he gets time.

Dear Tiff,

Obviously there are problems between you and your ex-husband however, you should not let that influence your children or their time with their father. Unless you have first-hand knowledge that there is something bad your ex-husband is subjecting your children to, if they tell you they are in danger or if your ex-husband is acting in a suspicious and threatening way then seek help but if it is just your mind working overtime, then I say let it go.
Children really do need two parents in their lives to feel loved and secure. Believe me when I tell you, I really wish my ex-husband had taken an interest in our children. I have always felt my boys missed out on having a father, which is weighs on my conscience still to this day.
Tiff, if your ex-husband is doing all the right things by loving and putting the children’s welfare and safety first, that is all that matters, not petty disagreements or some unsubstantiated vibe. If your concern continues please speak to your ex, express your concerns and clear the air. It’s important for everyone that you both act like adults, put the petty bickering aside and discuss how you feel, hopefully that will ease your mind.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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