I have a long distance relationship with a guy. It’s not really much of a distance. He lives in Fresno and I live in Santa Barbara. My dad met him when I was Skyping him. He says we’ll never meet. But I can’t help think if he meant it or not. What if he did? What if we don’t ever meet? I’m so confused because not only do I love this boy, but he’s my everything. I put so muh into him and he does the same. I was talking to him about maybe coming up or coming down so we can meet up. He definatley wants to. I do. What should I do? Help me, please.

Dear Carmen,

You should meet him and see if the real thing is as awesome as the screen.
It is hard to gauge how things will work out with someone when the only relationship you have is on-line.
You have to be in his every day life, he has to take part in your day to day living and from there you both will know if this is real thing, the right fit.
Carmen, please do me one favor. Remember that one person should not be your everything. Be proud to be an individual and have your own life goals. People must love themselves as much as they love others in order to be truly happy.

Good Luck & huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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