Dear One Tough Muther,

My cousin has issues. He is a father and is not with the mother of his kids, so there for, he is forced to care for them through law- Or is supposed to anyway. He hasnt held a steady job in 3 years. My aunt and uncle allow him to sit around at their home and play video games and not search for work. He lives there for free, doesnt contribute anything and does not show any motivation at all. He is 35 years old. I try to tell my Aunt and Uncle to kick him out already, This isn’t there problem he is taking advantage of them and is not being a good person or father considering it has been a year since he has seen his kids. I also try to throw the idea of marines in the conversation because that for sure will straighten him up, but no one bites on the idea and maybe he is to old for that anyway? I don’t know. How does anyone expect him to change and shape up if everyone saves him all the time? I really wish something would kick him in the butt. He has already been in jail on this issue and it didn’t do him any change. What can we do to help him grow up, and open his eyes as to step back and look at his life? It is stressing everyone out!

Dear Janelle,

I am so sorry but as far as I can tell, the die has been cast. Why work at life when everyone will make excuses for you.
Has he been homeless or hungry, no because someone will always provide for him.
Stop banging your head against a wall, the only one it’s hurting is you.
Also stop listening to the enablers complain because they have created this slug.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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