My boyfriend of 6 years hasn’t proposed to me yet and I want to get married so bad. I have watched friend after friend get engaged over the years and it’s embarrassing that I’m not yet. We have had talks, I’ve shown him ring pictures, I’ve even had blow outs with him over the ultimatum of “a ring or I’m gone” and still nothing! How can I get him to commit? I need a ring on this finger!

Dear Karen,

Stop asking!
Karen you can’t make someone do something they are not ready to do. Even the ultimatum of “marry me or I’m moving on” didn’t work because he knew you weren’t.
Do you live together? Share expenses, friends and life? Then why should he, he has everything he needs.
I have to be honest here, it appears to me that your Dude is comfortable and satisfied with the relationship as it is, regardless of how you feel. Karen you shouldn’t have to beg, bully or badger your man to marry you and I wouldn’t.
So my suggestion, stop asking him, stop bringing it up and drawing a line in the sand with this guy. Think about this relationship, maybe this guy isn’t the one for you. It’s obvious you’re ready for more and he isn’t, period.
So maybe it’s time to stop threatening, accept it or start thinking about moving on.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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