My husband and I live away from family because of his job and it has been that way for a few years. So every year a few times a year we go up and visit family and we stay at my parents home during our visit. My sister in law and her family come to visit us a few times a year as well and we have opened our home to them once and they stayed with us. But the last few visits they have decided to stay else where but spend the entire visit with us when we go out to the beach or anywhere else. Which is what we want. I am not understanding why if they have the opportunity to save money by staying in our home why they wouldn’t jump on the opportunity though.

Dear Amanda,

I think I understand. I was a military wife who was fortunate enough to live all over the world. When family would visit me they usually stayed with us but when I visited them, I liked staying in a private place. Crazy as it sounds some people, no matter how much you insist feel like they are intruding, even if they are family. I always found it easier to keep the kids calm after busy, fun days by staying somewhere away from the action. This gave the children down time away from all the excitement and me piece of mind if they were cranky or out of sorts. It was easier for my piece of mind, even if it was tougher on my purse and Amanda when traveling with my children, my piece of mind had to always came first!

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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