For valentines day is it lame to stay in, cook a nice meal & dessert and cuddle to a movie? I can just imagine how crazy restaurants will be and I didn’t make reservations !!!

Dear Beth,

I am so sorry this is late, I answer the letters in the order they come in.
Let me first say I hope you had a really wonderful Valentines Day and address your question for next year.
NO Beth it certainly is not lame and I can’t imagine anything that would be more romantic.
The crowded, expensive restaurants can be a nice treat but if your looking for romance and one on one time with the person you have feelings for being together alone and cuddling has my vote hands down.
Remember, holidays have been bottled, manufactured and delivered to us through media over the years to boost retail.
Do you or anyone you know have any idea of who the real Saint Valentine was and what he did? Probably not because it is very fuzzy in history who he was as well.
So enjoy Valentine’s Day anyway you like, it is your day to celebrate your way.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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