I am graduating High school!! Our school is having a graduation dance and I went a few weeks ago with some of my friends to go dress shopping. It took me forever to find the perfect dress to leave the class speechless. I look Fab in it. I am so super excited to wear this dress that I keep putting it on every night to admire myself in it. Another one of our friends who couldn’t come with us the day we went shopping met up with us at my house to show us her dress. Wouldn’t you believe it, it is my exact dress!! I am kind of annoyed because I described the dress I got to her and I feel she deliberately went out and got the same one. Her reaction was that she is sorry and she asked what am I going to do now? Go get a new dress? NOOOO she needs to go get a new dress! I bought mine first. How epic will I be if I’m someone’s twin. A friends twin of all things ! She needs to return it!! My friend seems ok with the fact we match and said we can be twinsies. I will not leave a jaw dropping last impression as someone’s twin, right!?!?

Dear Hannah,

That sucks BUT it is not a disaster. She obviously has no problem being your twinsie but you do.
The facts, you love the dress, look fab in the dress and had the dress first. So why cry about it? DRESS IT UP!

Go get killer shoes, spectacular sparkle, a cute wrap and have your hair, nails and make up done to rock a red carpet.
So much of what people see is truly the bling and not the dress. By dressing it up you are making it original, your own.
Can you put a beautiful sash around the waist?
Do what ever you can to make it yours and make it be the dress the others remember. Sparkle can go a long way so “DRESS IT UP” and out shine your friend.

Good Luck

Huge Muther Hugs,


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