The other day while painting my toe nails my 7 year old SON asked to paint his. In my mind I was hesitant but I allowed it since we were hanging at home. He did it himself blue then became silly and embarrassed then removed all the polish. A friend said I’m going to turn my son gay. I don’t think one can “turn gay” I remember my little brother dressing in this blue dress and playing school with me. He grew to be a tough, important marine with a wife and child. I have no fear of turning my son gay by allowing him to do these things and I’d be accepting to however he choose to live his life. Should I be worried allowing that stuff would contribute to a lifestyle?

Dear Janine,

Oh my Lord NO, you are not and can not turn your son gay by allowing him to express himself and experiment with other less manly things. People who make such comments are just ridiculous and ignorant. If anything being open minded and non-judgmental when your children experiment or role play will allow your children to grow into a strong, confident as adults. Role playing and pretending when we are children helps us shape who we are as we grow and learn important things about ourselves.
Janine, no worries, I promise. Hell, I use to pretend I was Peter Pan and I didn’t grow up to be gay and I still can’t fly so hopefully that eases your mind :}

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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