Someone I work with has a bar in her basement and she has invited me to her many Saturday night party’s. To be completely honest this woman rubs me the wrong way and she is very confrontational and matter of fact. I do not ever want to go to her house. But if I say thanks for the invite but I don’t think I can come… Ever…she will become offended and probably accuse me of not liking her. I’m terrible with this!!!

Dear Shelly,

I completely understand this form of invitation can be sticky and uncomfortable.
The reality is you can politely turn her down by saying “thank you for inviting me but I will not be able to make Saturday nights.” That is realistically all your are obligated to say. You do not owe this woman or anyone for that matter an explanation when you politely turn down an invitation. It is right right and your business if you choose not to attend something and it is not mandatory or disrespectful to not offer and excuse.
However Shelly, if this woman pushes the issues say something like “I am obligated on Saturday nights but thank you for thinking of me” and go about your business or move out of her line of fire. Again it is your decision and your right to decline and you owe no other explanation so remember that. An invitation is to inform you that you are invited to attend an event and if you choose not to accept then that is your personal choice and business. Keep your response short, sincere and solid, I’m sure she wouldn’t like it however I am also sure, she won’t invite you again.

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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