Why we are Tough Muthers and Strong Sisters…

My sissy and I have always been really good friends. I lived with her until I got married. And it’s in the cards that if we’re widows at the same time that we’ll live together once again. Is that horrible that I look forward to being room mates with her when I’m old? I mean, really she’s like home to me. I truly believe no one knows you better than a sibling. She is, and will probably be the longest relationship I’ll ever have. That’s what makes us tough. Knowing we’ll never be without each other.

Being moms and experiencing the ups and downs of life has added a whole other dimension as well… She struggling and surviving breast cancer, and me dealing with my family’s mental health challenges and a host of storms that have brushed through our lives have made us stand tall. Because during sorrowful times, we fall hard. At times when we can’t get up we are reminded that we have each other and who ever is the stronger sister at the time, will hold the load. She’ll divert the sail so that peace will come. That’s the power of being One Tough Muther. We both find that our lives have become about nurturing our own kids and standing tall for them too. Showing them that siblings are important and may be the most powerful and worth while relationship to preserve.

As kids she was shy and withdrawn. I was bubbly and twinkly. She often let me take her picture as I pretended to be a photographer. She trusted me. I loved that I had a creative outlet with my best friend. As we grew older the tables slightly turned…

After battling the hell of cancer she came out of her reserved self, while I retreated. She saw all the possibilities in life with a renewed sense of self. I became protective, fearful and overwhelmed. Life took a turn, she was now the power sister. She healed and would never take life for granted. I witnessed the ugliest side of life and didn’t know if she’d ever heal from chemo. Growing up wasn’t always roses for us. Being raised in home with domestic violence either makes you hyper-vigilant or cut off from reality. I can see we both at one time, did each. The unexpected scared me, like it did when I was a child. As she took the bull by the horns, recovering from cancer she showed me some things. One, how to be a Tough Muther by showing up in all your glory and two, living like there no tomorrow. So today, We show up. We play. We take thanks. We have gratitude. We show others just what a Tough Muther looks like.

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