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One Tough Muther, Karen Finocchio, leads an army of survivors who have overcome tremendous obstacles in their lives. From abuse to cancer, physical and mental hurdles, to surviving Act of God and untimely deaths of loved ones – Karen helps everyone find their inner strength through listening and pumping them up with kick ass advice. Although mostly comprised of women, OTM is about everyone—female, male, transgender or however one defines themselves. Hence, why Muther is spelled with a “U”…because it’s all about You!

But it doesn’t stop there. Tough Muthers throws caution to the wind by dangerously adding co-host and nationally recognized radio personality, Cindy Vero to the mix. These two women make a hilarious, powerful and dynamic duo. Although the Tough Muthers show is a platform for some very serious topics, these two women have crafted a funny, no holds barred, talk show that is refreshing and hilarious to the censored cookie cutter shows on air today.

One Tough Muther’s online advice column has been referred to by social media gurus as, “Dear Abby” on steroids because Karen Finocchio gives to you with both barrels. Her trademarked tagline, “Be afraid, be very afraid—it’s about to get REAL,” says it all. Tough Muthers radio show, who’s motto is “We are classy, sassy, and a little bit trashy!” has been called a female version of Howard Stern or Amos. The radio show features weekly celebrities as well as Cindy’s 411 breakdown of the latest Hollywood gossip.

OTM morphed from a small blog written by Karen Finnochio about her personal experiences. She designed a line of One Tough Muther shirts and has sent them out to thousands of people who have written to her. She is now an internet sensation and her shirts can be seen on many celebrities and influencers across the country that support her mission. In 2016, a full OTM line of jewelry, wine glasses, and a branded wine will also be hitting the market full swing!

So grab a bottle of your favorite wine, put your feet up and listen in for a hilarious night with the Tough Muthers!

Karen Finocchio

At the time that Karen Finocchio bought her first house, she was a waitress, bartender and customer service representative, raising four small children and a dog on her own after a lifesaving divorce from a damaging and destructive marriage. Always striving to do better, she moved from job to job as though jumping from rock to rock across a stream to get to the other side. She moved on to work at a bank and drive as a county mail delivery person, looking for a better life.

With a lifelong love of radio, Karen took a chance at a small radio station and found her passion. She worked countless hours learning everything about the station from the bottom up. Her perseverance led to being hired by a large group of radio stations acquiring the small. People started to notice Karen’s unrelenting work ethic and business savvy mindset, particularly one of her radio clients, who owns one of the largest national sports nutrition companies and hired her to become the Director of Marketing! This opportunity allowed Karen to expand her horizons as she wrote and voiced his radio and television commercials, learning on the job as well as placing all the advertising buys. Karen’s work quickly put her on the radar with other companies biting at her heels. Out of loyalty to her current company, she signed an exclusive deal as her own in-house marketing agency for one of the largest and most recognized sports nutrition companies in the country, overseeing yearly multi-million dollar advertising schedules, in excess of 100 million dollars.

Finocchio’s first big TV buy was with the WWF, where she spent 10 years working with the McMahons and the celebrity athletes of the WWF/WWE. From there she simultaneously developed an entire NASCAR marketing, advertising and on track promotions program working every weekend on the track with a high profile NASCAR teams and drivers. Karen learned to work with the top brass of all the major national TV networks and cable stations, and regularly attended programming meetings in New York and LA. As time went on, she was fortunate to learn and work with all the major New York radio stations, placing ad buys, writing and voicing commercials, being a guest on the shows, and meeting and working with Cousin Brucie (who became her long-time mentor).

Karen was a guest on the Howard Stern Show and was invited to Howard’s birthday party where she shared a table with Kid Rock and William Shatner. Her executed marketing promotional programs gave her back stage access at the Grammys and sitting in a high level suite with celebrities during the live show. She was invited by the Vice President of Westwood One to Music Cares (a resource that provides a safety net of critical assistance for musicians) where she sat with Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Hugh Heffner, Dustin Hoffman, Cher, John Mayer and other major movie and recording artists including the host and his family, Sting.

From there, Karen’s marketing company worked for a year with the Rapper Fat Joe and the Terror Squad, and she was fortunate enough to spend a season with Ozzy and Sharon Obourne (whom she adores as a kind, caring, smart and sassy lady) promoting products through Ozzfest. Her roster also includes MTV’s Jersey Shore, History Channel’s Pawn Stars and HBO’s The Sopranos. Karen was even invited to Joe Gannascoli’s wedding, where she partied with Little Steven, James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico and the entire cast.

Karen spends a great deal of time in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami with her creative friends, top level producers and network connections, where she continues to flourish and grow.

She’s designed the paint scheme on a Pilatus jet, learned to water ski and drive a motorcycle all while accomplishing her greatest task, raising four wonderful children as a single mother and with only a high school diploma.

Karen’s One Tough Muther advice column, reviewed as “Dear Abby on steroids”, has helped thousands of women open up and gain strength from her experiences. Karen serves up in your face, Mutherly advice as only Karen Finocchio, ONE TOUGH MUTHER, can!

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cindysmallCindy Vero

Cindy Vero has spent the last 15 years up and down the dial serving up the latest celebrity gossip, news and traffic to the NY Tri-State area. Cindy’s love of radio goes way back to when she was a little girl listening to the radio and calling the stations…asking the DJ’s about how they got into the speaker!

Cindy grew up in North Jersey, minutes from NYC, in a strong military family and loves all kinds of music. She is a graduate from Rowan University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Her sights were initially set on television news, but she quickly realized that radio was where she wanted to be. Cindy got the radio ball rolling with an internship at NYC’s old Country station, WYNY, and was exposed to all the inner-workings of how a radio station operates daily.

Most well known as the co-host for Mornings with Cubby and Cindy on 103.5 KTU for 11 years, Vero’s background also includes working through a few radio services (Shadow/Metro/Total Traffic) split shifts, MTV News, Magic 98.3, 95.5 WPLJ, NASH-FM 94.7 and 110.7 HUD. While at KTU, Cindy became the News & Public Affairs Director as well as the Host of the award winning Community Affairs show KTU Cares, for 10 years. As a result, Cindy became heavily involved within the local communities in the Tri-State area hosting and supporting countless events.

Cindy currently emcees many charitable events and is also working on her celebrity entertainment blog (Cindy’s 411). Cindy has voiced hundreds of local and national brand commercials. You may recognize her voice from BMW, Macy’s, Pizza Hut, Walgreens, as well as Kars 4 Kids & Dr. Dello Russo. Cindy cheers on the Mets, Rangers & Saints and loves her rescue animals—all 6 of them! Her love for animals and rescue organizations can be seen on her social media almost daily. She rides motorcycles with her husband Tony and supports the military a million percent! After the passing of her father in 2012 due to pancreatic cancer, Cindy has produced 2 major fundraising events in conjunction with The Lustgarten Foundation. Oh and don’t even get her started talking about shoes!

Cindy’s life work has revolved around overcoming obstacles and very very hard work. She is always upbeat and positive with great advice. She believes in pushing yourself to be your personal best and that any hurdle can be overcome. Always having One Tough Muthers back, Cindy now hopes to inspire and give back…doing her part to help make the world a better place. Together with the incredible Karen Finocchio, Cindy is about to keep it real and help build army of Tough Muthers! #OTM

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You Don’t Have to Be a Mother to Be One Tough Muther.™

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