Welcome, Teri Lyn.

Teri Lyn is a strong and resilient woman who has built her life around helping other.

Teri was born with a damaged eye due to the use of forceps at birth, which she felt was a “deformity” on her face. Teri says growing up with this was “humbling and hard”. Becoming a single working Mother, Teri found her calling while working with children on the Autism spectrum. Reconnecting with a high school sweetheart, marrying and becoming a step-mother to her husband’s little girl, Teri worked hard to blend their families. However, Teri’s husband’s daughter who had a 2-month age difference from her own daughter had disruptive, social and behavioral problems. Drawing from her experience working with autistic children, Teri wrote a 10-page letter to all of her step-daughters doctors and therapist, pointing out her stepdaughter’s social and behavioral issues, leading to a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

After relocating to South Carolina for her husband’s job, in October, Teri’s home was flooded by Hurricane Matthew. Still living in a hotel, due to the insurance deductible, Teri’s husband works long hours after his 40-hour job, to repair their home. They had hoped to be back in their home by December 22, but due to an injury to her husband’s hand and the flu, they are not yet sure if that date will be met.

Teri explains, “I have my ups and my downs. I think to myself that it could be a lot worse. There are many people worse off than us. I’m trying to be the best role model for our girls! I live, laugh, love and learn. I am a huge advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum. I have become an ABA therapist so I can continue to help others and I am excited about this new adventure. Even though I may cry some days, I do believe that I am One Tough Muther”.

Teri Lyn, we welcome and thank you for joining us. We are honored to have you in the Tough Muther Army and there is no doubt, Teri Lyn, YOU are One Tough Muther!

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