My son called me tonight to tell me he saved a young boy’s life performing CPR for about 10 minutes to bring him back from an overdose. He said he was stone cold dead when he got to him.
I instantly WANTED to say “Wow Baby, you just gave some young boy another chance at life. Because of you this boy will turn his life around and become someone strong and wonderful when he grows up. You have changed history by saving him. He will grown up now and contribute to the world.” However, last time he saved a young girl, who came from a very good family, who was at a party with her friends who died from an overdose and I said all of that….THEN 3 months later the very same girl overdosed again and died…….
So this time when he told me the story all I said was “I am so proud of you Honey, you are a wonderful man and an excellent police officer.” and felt inadequate because I couldn’t say more.
Parents, ‪#‎MutherSays‬ talk to your children, interfere in their lives, know where they are, know who they are with, be their PARENT not just their financial support.
Guess what, it’s very easy for your children to get drugs and very hard from them to say no to their friends, read my column and you will realize that you must…BE AWARE and BE THERE.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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