My question is about the talk. The sex talk. Do you think parents should have the talk with their kids or just leave it be. Me personally, never had a talk with my parents like that but then I also grew up around a lot of boys with my friends and feeling very…confused and naive . I became a parent before i planned. Not as a teen or anything but before planned. I’m not sure if having the sex talk would of changed anything but i don’t want my kids going down the same path i did, i’m a good person i just grew up to fast. If the talk is a good idea what is a good age or when do you feel is the right time. Or do you think to just not have any talk?

Thankyou OTM

Dear Chris,

I had a short but sweet talk with all four of my children when they started asking questions.
I also reminded them through out their teenage years the once you have a child you have them forever.
I kept the conversation short, direct and very matter of fact. The boys where like “ewww Mom I know” the saw the movie in health at school and my daughter just kept saying “don’t worry I know’.
I think that when you talk to your children even if it is a difficult topic it helps them rationalize and think through problems better. Who know it may even answer questions they were to shy or afraid to ask.
So yes Chris, I am all for the talk.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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