A friend of mine who is divorced and has been for some time has been dating a man for over a year. This man is very rich and gives her and her kids whatever they want. This man is known in the community as a very nice guy too, everyone knows him. And it’s not just the money they do a lot together, and you can see how happy they are and I’m happy for her happiness after such a bad breakup in her last marriage. Well she moved in to her boyfriends house which is beautiful , with the works , in ground pool he built a play ground for the kids better than any park I’ve seen and so on. and like I said she is spoiled rotten. She seems a little different now though. Like all the good things are better like money is everything now. It makes me feel less than and I’ve been seeing her less and less. Does money change people? Can I maintain a friendship with someone who suddenly became rich and thinks money is everything???

Dear Krystal,

Yes, I do believe money changes some people. I have known people who have become thankful, generous, appreciative and happy and others who have become, greedy, selfish, demanding and self serving. It is weird and I can’t explain how and why it happens but it does. But let me say I’ve know people also who have come into a lot of money and did not change at all.
Maybe the change some people experience was actually an underlying personality trait that never would have surfaced without money and we would have never noticed who knows, it but the change doesn’t always have to be negative.
I say give it sometime. Your friend will soon realize money doesn’t buy happiness and having friends around you that are true and trustworthy does. Krystal, your friend is just new to her recent change in stature and I’m sure she will come around.
It is no fun having anything unless you have friends and family to share it with and she will soon realize this, I’m confident of that.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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