About a month ago a pair of my earrings went missing. I thought I missed placed them but the other night I met up with my brother and his wife for dinner. My sister in-law showed up wearing my earrings. I know they are mine because my earrings were very unique, I got them while on vacation and have never seen these anywhere else. It’s obvious my sister in-law took these from me. How do I go about bringing this up? I am worried she may have taken other things from my home or from other homes, you never know. I want my earrings back !

Dear Jessica,

WOW, this is a very slippery slope. Did you comment on the earrings? Did you say you had an identical pair you bought on vacation? Did you mention they were Did you ask where she got them? These are all the questions i think you need to ask BEFORE you make any accusations. Chances are slim, according to you, but still a chance she could have a rare identical pair. You must gather some facts before you blurt anything out. Tell her you want to show her your pair but they appear to be missing and then ask here where she can got them so you could go there for a replacement pair.

At any rate be very careful because this could drive a huge wedge between everyone for years to come.

Good Luck & Huge Mother Hugs,

One Tough Muther


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