My friend steph gave me your card..
Long story short-I broke up with my ex In August, he killed himself in November. I’m. Not good at talking about it because I feel like my friends don’t totally understand but I’m close with steph and she kind of told me what you’ve been thru so I thought I should reach out..
Thank u ,

Dear Chelsea,

I completely understand, as you probably know my boyfriend committed suicide just a short time ago. Odd right? A mature, grow women with a successful mature, grown man not your typical scenario, yet the same ending. You are right, it is very hard to talk about it to others, because it is very hard to understand it ourselves. We do hear all the kind, caring logical things that people say and we know in our minds they are probably right, however that doesn’t stop the pain in our hearts, the questions in our minds and the guilt that we didn’t stop it.
I am here Chelsea if you need to talk or maybe you have a question. Whatever it is feel free or have Steph contact me and we will meet. It is all so overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, maddening and saddening at the same time.
Let me know Chelsea if I can help.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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