One tough muther,

I have a neighbor man who hangs around me to much. He is a little “mentally behind” so I’ve been nice to him, friendly always. It’s getting to feel that he’s always knocking on my door wanting to hang around and chat or is outside my home waiting for me when I walk outside. I am a woman who lives alone and I don’t think this man would act on my kindness as a romantic thing but like I said he is mentally behind..telling him to back off would be mean I think to him, he lives with his brother who seems fine should I talk to his brother to maybe tell this man to stop bothering me so much? Or try to talk to the man? he does hold a conversation..

Dear Dan,

This is a tricky one because I understand you don’t want to hurt this man’s feelings or lead him on in anyway.
I would keep it simple with a hello and light pleasantry’s, then move along. If he knocks on your door, do not invite him in and explain that you are very busy and have no time to chat. I am sure he is just lonely and you have been kind to him so he would like to speak with you more. He probably would like a friend and you happen to be there.
However, living alone and being a single woman you just can’t open yourself up to any possibility of a misunderstanding.
So be kind but keep it short, I think that should be enough for you both.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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